Plus Cell Control

Plus Cell Control

Operator Interface for Automation Systems

Available on both


Easy-to-Use Operator Interface

Plus Cell Control provides all the necessary maintenance, safety, part production reporting and productivity functionality to help your operation maximize return-on-investment, reduce risk and increase productivity.

Reporting Capabilities

Plus Cell Control includes two reports focusing on part production.

Part Models Report: Provides averages for part time, process time, non process time, idle time, error time and aborted part percentage. This report is helpful for troubleshooting programming issues and viewing part production data holistically.

Part Report: This report shows each part run and is a great resource for parts that have a longer production cycles.



  • Less downtime with improved error handling
  • Ease of use
  • Improved safety
  • Increase production



  • Part cycle routines
  • Maintenance routines
  • User configurability (logins for different permissions)
  • Easy to access error logs
  • Graphical I/O status (25 different statuses included)
  • Part production reporting
  • Hyperlinked training, maintenance, video, component & troubleshooting documentation (Ability to customize and add your own documentation!)
  • Large 21.5″ screen
  • Language support

Plus Cell Control Hardware Specs