Customer Reviews

Great Response Time

We had a couple change requests and action was taken quickly. Communication from Baird was excellent. We're very happy.

Access to Engineers

We really appreciated having access to all your engineers during our visit. Your team came together to make sure everything worked just the way we need it to.

Project Management

The project management was great. We appreciate the weekly meetings and always knowing what to expect.


We're very happy with the quality of the workmanship. And we're always able to get a hold of somebody by phone or email.


Everyone we've talked to is very knowledgeable. We did training somewhere else and your training is way better. Cody has been doing great. He takes his time to make sure we understand. He is a great trainer.


We appreciate the expertise of your team. You made recommendations and we ended up with a much better system than our original concept. You're well organized.

Involvement and Dedication

Most satisfied with Wolf's level of involvement and dedication to us as a customer. Wolf team was very attentive throughout the process.

Consistency and Commitment

We're most satisfied with Wolf's consistency and commitment. System is on time, schedule was tracked, weekly calls effective, met what was promised.

Open, honest communication

Open, honest communication. We appreciate how Brian let us know if there is an issue, how it would be resolved and it was all communicated in a timely manner. Good guys to work with.

Overall the process went very well

Overall the process went very well. Communication was good. Small issues addressed. Fixturing looks good.

Really understood our needs

Because you made the site visit Wolf really understood our needs. We didn't have to provide a lot of details and you didn't have to ask us a million questions.

Very professional

Very professional, clean design
All demos worked very well
Good design with sensors to make sure the cell operates appropriately and triggers alarms when equipment malfunctions, etc.
Good cable management design
Project management was effective
The team was very personable and easy to work with

What sets you apart from the rest

One of the big factors in our decision to go with Wolf and what sets you apart is your customer service. We purchased a system from another integrator and they just dropped it off. They didn't provide any help. Wolf helped us when it wasn't even your system. Also, when you did your site visit you brought all the right experts from each area and answered all the questions we had immediately. The other integrators just brought their sales person.


Wolf produces dependable equipment designed to meet our requirements.

Everything was Great

We really appreciate your ability to adapt to changes. To make improvements in real time.

Spot on

Communication from production lead spot on. Brian was always there to help every step of the way

Extra Mile

Communication was great. Attention to detail spot-on. Your T's were crossed…your I's were dotted. I can't tell you anything went wrong. You went the extra mile.


We're most satisfied with your knowledge. Your willingness to teach. And, the quality of the tooling and robotic welding system.


We are most happy with your patience. Willingness to work with us and being flexible. We changed our minds a few times. Thanks for your willingness to work with us.

Very Capable

The people are the best. I love working with the people at Wolf. Very smart. Very capable.


All the Wolf engineers I have dealt with are very knowledgeable and passionate of the wolf projects/products.

Very Good Job

I was most satisfied with how fast the install was and how good Wolf was to work with. There were a few little bugs and issues initially that we found, this is to be expected with any customized piece of equipment like this, but Wolf were able to get someone out and get it all sorted out in a timely manner. Brian was great to work with on the project management side and did a very good job of helping us get the custom robot cell we needed to build our products. Everyone we worked with at Wolf did a very good job helping us and we were able to up and running and producing a lot of product within the first couple weeks after install.

Definitely Deal with Wolf Again

We now have approximately 20 to 25 different products we are producing in this robot cell now which vary from cycle times of 1.5 min for some simple jobs to 55 min for some of the larger more complex items. We plan to get to about 50 or more products running on this robot cell once we can get more fixtures built. This has cut our fabrication time down significantly (a third of the time it used to take manually), and the welds are very consistent and look great every time! The ABB software and programming is quite user friendly once you get used to it, great features, and the Lincoln power supply produces great looking welds with minimal weld spatter. I would definitely deal with Wolf again when we add our next robot cell to the facility!


Having a relationship with project managers/sales rep from a past project helped with navigating paths of communication and getting answers quickly.  I also like the consistency Wolf was able to provide between the old cell and new cell.

Software Knowledge

Your software engineering department separates you from everyone else.

We got a lot of attention

Personalized service, great communication, streamlined, organized, professional. We got a lot of attention. Jason kept track of every detail and got it all done on time.

We're very satisfied with all of it

We're very happy with both the product and customer service. This system went very smoothly. I'm quite pleased.


Knowledge. Everyone is very knowledgeable. We like how suggestions are made regarding fixturing that will help us out when we get back to our facility. Friendliness.

Pleasure to Work With

Willy, Jake, and Jay have been a pleasure to work with. They understand the importance of details that customers like me look for, and always accommodate. The communication is good, and the support is best in the industry. A project manager who is willing to text or answer calls from an operator to troubleshoot issues throughout the day is key to return business!

Very Happy with Results

Everything went smoothly, timely and very efficiently. Very happy with results.

How you work Together

We were very impressed by how you all work together as a unit. You help each other out and speak kindly to each other. I expect you to treat us as customers that way, but when you treat each other that way it says a lot about your company.

Customers for 12 Years

We've been doing business with you for 12 years…we know what to expect. If you weren't doing a good job, we wouldn't be your customers.

ABB Knowledge

We are very happy with your overall knowledge of ABB product/systems. You have the most collective ABB experience.