Robotic Welding Solutions

Why Choose Wolf Robotics for your Robotic Welding Solution?

For close to 40 years, Wolf Robotics has perfected integration of automation in general industry. And when it comes to you understanding how to perfect automation in your business, well, we think we offer you the best robot welding systems around.

Because we understand one size doesn’t fit all, we manufacture both custom robotic welding systems and pre-engineered robotic welding systems.

The right robotic welding solution…ready, right now.

WolfPack is a standardized arc welding solution delivered ready-to-weld from Wolf Robotics. WolfPack systems are a cost-effective way to automate your fabrication operations by improving productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Wolf Robotics has introduced a full line of standardized cells. With a variety of positioners, robots, and peripherals available, WolfPack can meet your specific production needs.

WolfPack systems are equipped with features that optimize productivity and minimize downtime. Advanced error handling, production monitoring, and self diagnostics are just a few of the ways WolfPack systems ensure increased efficiency and production quality.

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Custom Robotic Welding Systems: We’ll design a solution that meets ALL your needs.

Some customers require specific considerations due to the physical size of their fabrication parts or tooling, special material handling requirements, or other factors. Regardless of why you need a custom engineered system, Wolf Robotics has the engineering staff and experience to design a system that meets all of your requirements.

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Authorized Robot Integrators for Both ABB & Fanuc