Robot Carriers

Effectively increase the robot’s work area.

In order for a robot to have access to different parts of a weldment, robot carriers may be necessary to transport and position the arm. Wolf Robotics offers a line of carriers designed for maximum production efficiency.

Carriers are not only an extension of the robot, but are also used for mounting production equipment including tool changers and other peripherals. The robot carrier is manipulated automatically by the robot controller allowing for the robot and carrier to work as a single unit.

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  • Massive work envelope
  • Extended robot reach
  • Coordinated motion
  • Precision movement
  • ABB and FANUC robot compatitable
  • Track lengths from 2 meters to 50 meters
  • Powertrack system for hose & cable protection


  • Welding wire carrier
  • Process tool changers
  • Safety fencing
  • Light curtians
  • Autolube (where applicable)

Robot Carrier Options