ABB Basic Robotic Programming

Course Objectives:

Fundamental education for students who will be writing new production programs for ABB Robotics systems. Students will leave with knowledge of work object frames, tool center point, jogging the robot in multiple coordinate systems, program structure using modules and routines. To register for a class contact us at

This course will teach:

  • Robot jogging
  • Basic program structure
  • How to create, modify, save, and load programs
  • Use of ABB Flex Pendent
  • Basic weld instructions

Content: 10% classroom, 90% hands-on equipment

Who should attend?

This training class is tailored for robot programmers or operators who are allowed to create and modify current production part programs.


GMAW welding experience is preferred. Basic PC skills and knowledge of Windows based operating system.


4  Days

7 AM to 4 PM Monday-Thursday

At Wolf Robotics

At Wolf Robotics training facility: $2,590 per student plus $100 for test per student.

At Your Facility

On-site duration is typically reduced to 3 ½ days to allow Wolf Robotics instructor travel days on Mon. & Fri.

Recommend only 2 persons per teach pendant for effective training on-site.
USA 1st Shift $11,700 Off-Shift $12,200
Canada & Mexico 1st Shift $12,525 Canada & Mexico Off-Shift $13,025