Custom Robotic Welding Systems

Custom Robotic Welding Solutions:
It’s what we do BETTER than anyone else.

We’re defining modern robotic welding.

Wolf Robotics team of welding automation expert’s leverage over 40 years of advanced welding design, development, and programming knowledge.  We’re unmatched in creating custom welding automation solutions for general industry customers in product manufacturing.

Wolf Robotics has taken modern welding automation to the next level with features such as automatic welding programming, collision avoidance, robotic vision, and adaptive welding. We thrive when solving complex welding automation challenges.

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Every custom robotic welding system starts with a problem. We can provide the solution. So, what’s your problem?

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Our Customer-Centric Process

Our custom robot cell manufacturing process starts with us listening to you. We take in account your business goals, your processes and of course your part requirements. We collaborate with you on every step…from concept to delivery.  At Wolf Robotics, it’s about building a long-term partnership.  Your success is our success.

  1. Needs Assessment & Design Concept
  2. Perform Reach Study
  3. Engineer Robot System
  4. Assemble System
  5. Runoff (Test robot system with your parts)
  6. Deliver (install and start-up)

After delivery, we’re here to provide you with any training, support and service you made need.

Welding Expertise

When it comes to custom robotic welding systems, there is very little we haven’t seen or done. We provide automation solutions for general industry. Our customers’ are leaders in construction, energy, agriculture, transportation, shipbuilding, oil & gas, aerospace and offshore. Let us know what you’re looking for and we would be happy to provide you with specific examples.

Process Expertise:

  • GMAW Welding
  • GTAW Welding
  • SAW Welding
  • HLAW Welding
  • Laser Welding

Technology Available:

  • Through-ARC seam tracking
  • Process parameter tuning
  • Storage/replay with advanced shape recognition
  • Calculative adaptive with welding wire, spot camera, or stripe camera
  • Stitch welding
  • Escape paths for error recovery
  • Hyperfill™

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Custom Robotic Welding System Examples