Fab-Pak Cell Control

Fab-Pak Cell Control

Operator Interface for Fab-Pak™ Robotic Welding Systems

Available on Fab-Pak Pre-Engineered Systems


Ideal for Operations NEW to Automation

Fab-Pak Cell Control is an affordable, entry level operator interface engineered just for Fab-Pak robotic welding systems.

Fab-Pak Cell Control is graphical and makes operating a Fab-Pak robotic welding system EVEN easier.

Fab-Pak Cell Control increases productivity, safety, and provides helpful maintenance functionality needed to meet the demands of the your fabrication needs.

Video: Learn About the Fab-Pak Cell Control Features



  • Low investment
  • Less downtime
  • Ease of use
  • Improved safety
  • Increased production


Standard Features

  • Part production routine
  • Service Routines
  • Error Logs
  • I/O Status
  • Service, Component, Video & Troubleshooting Documentation (You can add your own content!)
  • Spanish & English Language Support

Fab-Pak Cell Control Specs