Pre-Engineered Welding Solutions

Today’s manufacturing requires efficiency and cost savings at every opportunity. Wolf Robotics provides entry level standardized robot cells to optimize your welding.

Benefits of our
robotic cells

  • Affordable entry level system for easy transition into robotic welding
  • Minimal set-up and programming
  • Palletized base for easy install and portablity
  • Quick delivery
  • Small footprint saves production floor space

Explore Our Pre-Engineered Robot Welding Systems

Ferris Wheel Pre-engineered Robot

Ferris Wheel
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Headstock Tailstock Pre-engineered Robot

Headstock Tailstock
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Indexing Headstock Tailstock Pre-engineered Robot

Indexing Headstock Tailstock
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Skyhook Pre-engineered Robot

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Indexing Skyhook Pre-engineered Robot

Indexing SkyHook
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Indexing Table Pre-engineered Robot

Indexing Table
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new robot coming soon

Coming Soon

new robot coming soon

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