Fab-Pak Pre-Engineered Welding Solutions

Today’s manufacturing requires efficiency and cost savings at every opportunity. Wolf Robotics, a Lincoln Electric Company, provides entry level standardized robot cells to optimize your welding…and your business.

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Why Choose Wolf Robotics, A Lincoln Electric Company?

The Welding Experts®

Lincoln Electric® has more than a century of welding expertise, but our expertise doesn’t end there. We’ve also integrated thousands and thousands of robotic welding systems.

Our new pre-engineered robotic welding systems are the culmination of know-how gained from these integrations and the distillation of the most commonly requested features of our custom-built systems.

Now you can tap into that wealth of experience with Fab-Pak® robotic welding systems (available with either FANUC® or ABB® robot arms), engineered for general industry and Pro-Pak™ robotic welding systems, engineered for the automotive industry.

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Explore Our Pre-Engineered Robot Welding Systems

Ferris Wheel
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Fixed Headstock, Single Side
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Fixed Headstock Side-to-Side
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Fixed Headstock, Back-to-Back
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H-Frame, Center Mount
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H-Frame, Rear Mount
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Fixed Table, Single Side
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Fixed Table, Dual Side
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Benefits of our
Fab-Pak pre-engineered
robotic cells

  • Affordable entry level system for easy transition into robotic welding
  • Minimal set-up and programming
  • Available in both Fanuc® & ABB® configurations
  • Quick delivery
  • Small footprint saves production floor space