CRAW Preparation Training

We’re a CRAW Approved Testing Center.

Course Objectives:

Wolf Robotics offers a 3-day preparation class prior to the AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding Operator or Technician (CRAW-O or CRAW-T) certification. The CRAW preparation training is optional for the certification, but recommended. We typically devote the first 3 days (Mon.-Wed.) to training and the 4th day (Thur.) to the examination when conducting the training. The CRAW certification consists of a written and performance (hands-on) examination. Each exam is limited to ~2 hours.

The CRAW training is performed on ABB robots only, but the 3 day preparation course is designed to prepare robotic welding personnel, even if their area of expertise is a different robot brand.

All AWS application(s) must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the examination date. If received less than three weeks prior to the examination date, but no less than two weeks prior to the exam, then a fast track fee of $250 will be charged. Applications received less than two weeks prior to the exam date will not be accepted. AWS approval is required prior to reserving seats in a training class. To register for a class contact us at

This course will teach:

  • Safe cell operation
  • How to reset safety and recover from a safety violation
  • Basic weld errors
  • How to properly jog ABB robot
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Content: 50% classroom, 50% hands-on equipment

  • Classroom
  • Hands-On Equipment

Who should attend?

This course is tailored for students wanting to achieve CRAW-O or CRAW-T certification.


Students must meet all of the AWS requirements per their website at prior to requesting training.


3-5 Days

8 AM to 4 :30 PM Monday-Wednesday

Exam performed on Thursday or Friday.

Classes scheduled “By Request”

*Subject to AWS changes

CRAW 3 Day Preperation with Certification $2,500 plus $350 AWS Fee (FEE IS MEMBER PRICE & PAID DIRECTLY TO AWS)

CRAW Certification only $575 plus $350 AWS Fee