ABB Robotic Cell Operation Class II

Course Objectives:

Operators are taught how to properly navigate between different windows on the ABB Flex pendent, as well as how to modify basic program code. This includes robot targets, weld data and tactile searching locations to an existing program. Operators will also learn how safety devices function on one of our in house Wolf Robotics cells.

This course will teach:

  • Safe cell operation
  • How to reset safety and recover from a safety violation
  • Basic weld errors
  • How to properly jog ABB robot
Download Schedule

Content: 10% classroom, 90% hands-on equipment

  • Classroom
  • Hands-On Equipment

Who should attend?

This class is tailored for cell operators who are allowed to make minor program modification to existing part production programs. Restricted programming access.


Application process knowledge (Welding, Cutting, etc.), PC exposure (Preferably Windows Based), High School or equivalent


3 Days

8 AM to 4 :30 PM Tuesday-Thursday

Students can travel on Monday & Friday afternoon.

At Wolf Robotics

$1,990 per student, plus $100 for test per student (optional)

At Your Facility

Recommend only 2 persons per teach pendant for effective training on-site.

USA $9,450 1st shift $9.950 2nd & 3rd shifts

Canada or Mexico $9,950 1st shift